What’s the Cost of Confidential Invoice Finance and How Does Receivable Factoring Work?

Read all about it! Read all about it! Heard the news today? We’re talking about the fact that thousands – yes thousands of Canadian firms are moving toward a working capital financing facility known as receivable factoring. But, what if you could get confidential invoice finance that would allow you to bill and collect your own receivables under this facility? Possible? Absolutely.So what if you had a commercial business financing facility that gave you unlimited cash flow, and, unlike your competitors, you were in control of your facility. Most Canadian business owners and financial managers know a bit about how factoring, aka receivable financing works.It’s a process whereby you sell your receivables and receive immediate, same day cash for those invoices. 99.9% of all the financing done in Canada under this business model has the factoring firm collecting your invoices and notifying the customer. They also follow up for collection and interact with your customer, because, as we said, you have sold them your receivable, or receivables in whole.Like most of our clients, you like the end result, i.e. instant cash flow and working capital, but you aren’t necessarily in favor of the factoring firm taking over your client relationship as it relates to accounts receivable. That’s why you should consider confidential invoice factoring. Under this scenario your receivables are billed and collected by yourself, and there is no third party interference with the relationship you have with clients when it comes to billing and collecting.Maybe it’s just because we’re Canadian, but we find out clients are very much in favor of that business model. The bottom line is that your financing relationship is not disclosed to your customers, and that’s a good thing.So what has happened here? Simply that you have achieved all of the benefits of accounts receivable financing, but under the confidential invoice finance model your receivable factoring is in your control.Under traditional U.S. And U.K. type receivable factoring your customers receives a letter from either yourself or the factor firm, notifying your clients about the issue of your firm having sold its receivables. If you don’t care about that, no problem…! But if you do care about what the perception of that letter might be then you should consider confidential invoice finance.While factoring is a high growth area in Canada, the ability to get confidentiality around this process is not fairly well known..So you know something others don’t, and in business that’s a competitive advantage. It therefore differs from bank financing, and is the alternative to the traditional factoring of invoices that we have talked about here. The bottom line is there is a world of difference in the facilities offered,And oh yes, the cost? The cost of confidential invoice discounting is the same as traditional factor financing – so that’s a good thing!Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on who will assist you in closing this valuable type of working capital financing solution.

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Online Travel Business – Business on Your Fingertips

Travel being the largest business got its rocket speed from the enhancement of internet. Before some years travel was only limited to front store and it was not possible to have online marketing. We can get more than billion sites about the online travel business. Many of them are legitimate and provides with what they had promised but all glitters are not gold. You can find some frauds that cheat people. As everything has got its cons and pro people has to be aware choosing the online travel business.Online business can be done from any place as it runs on the internet so it can be taken as one of the home based business. The reasons for choosing online travel business can be:-1) Travel industry: – Travel is one of the largest industries with huge potential. And people love traveling and having quality travels or vacations. So you can have your business running with just little of your hard work.2) Ease of working time: – As your business is homed based and online mode you can work in your comfortable hours. You can manage your time and can do other work. There are no any working hour restrictions.3) Low investment: – Online home based travel business can be initiated with small budget. And you don’t have to invest for official assets and overheads. Not much expenses for equipments as you only need to have a computer and internet connections.4) Benefits of online travel business:- You will get for what you will sell. There is no one to cut in the mid-way because in online you will have direct contact with your customer. You can get extra revenue when you will complete the matrix or when some of your associates complete the cycle. And you will also get additional discounts or free ship for your own travel. At the same time with the luxury of travel you can earn multiple figures dollars.Hence to have that all benefits you have to start an online travel business and you can be sure to earn much as travel is not any burden to people but they love to travel and they can pay you any dollars for beautiful packages.