The Application Of Telecommunication Techniques In The Security Industry

Currently, the security industry is becoming mature. More and more IT corporations are entering this industry, especially the companies who are engaged in the research of telecommunication products. On the surface, these corporations enter the security industry to shirk the fierce competition in the IT industry. But this conversion between the IT industry and security industry also means the security industry needs the technique update heavily. The transformation caused by the telecommunication technique has started quietly in the security industry. The factory of device should keep the architecture of the telecommunication techniques when they are designing the products, so they should consider two different aspects, namely, the hardware and the software.When it comes to the hardware, the modularization design is very important. There are several advantages of the modularization design; firstly, it is helpful to improve the reliability and stability of the system; secondly, the modularization contributes to the update and expansion of the system. People can expand the capacity by adding the interface-board; thirdly, it also can shorten the development cycles of new products; fourthly, it can improve the pass-rate of production to ensure the stability and reliability of the products.With the expansion of the video monitoring network, the quantity of the monitoring point will be more and more, therefore, the large capacity server will be more and more. The modularization design is able to provide more choices to the users. Apart from the modularization design, the function of backup is also very important.The other aspect of design is the software. Firstly, applying the construction of B/S or CS is easy to expand and maintain. Secondly, the modularization design is also emphasized in the software. Every module must be tested strictly. Thirdly, the design of software must consider the influence caused by the network viruses and attack. The software must have the ability to protect itself from the network viruses and attack. The related integrated circuit is 74LS00N.

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